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Cluster Stemmer V15

Cluster Stemmer V15

Egrappoir-Egrenoir-V15 Egretier

The V15 Cluster Stemmer with combs of its cage, and the very short flexible fingers of its hedgehog, has just caught up with the other flags of the range, at the top of the technology.

5 patents, the last of which was filed on October 27-2015

It is one of twelve inventions in wine-making equipment selected by the National Institute of Industrial Property since its creation in 1801.

Egrappoir-Egrenoir-V15 Egretier

The V15 Cluster Stemmer is distinguished from the other cluster stem removers by the very principle of its operation:

The cylindrical grid is provided with groups of comb-shaped teeth, which raise the clusters (or what remains of them, as they progress) to the top of a mini hedgehog (which rotates in the same direction as the grid, but at a much higher speed).

It is at the moment of their resumption (individual in relay), by the fingers of the hedgehog, that the clusters in a situation of weightlessness, undergo the acceleration which causes the detachment of the grains.

The harvest is no longer sheared, nor rejected in the mass.

The totality of the whole grains emerges intact under the grating, as well as the verjus, the stems and the dry rot at its extremity.´╗┐

Egrappoir-Egrenoir-V15 Egretier

This device is adaptable to all models and brands of Cluster Stemmers. ´╗┐ ´╗┐

Conversion of a conventional destemmer into a V15 Cluster Stemmer:

1 - Replacing the hedgehog.

2 - Welding of small deflector battens inside the cage.

3 - Add a motor and its electric box for the fixed speed of the cage (to regulate). The speed of the hedgehog remains adjustable according to the grape varieties and their maturity.

4 - Compliance with safety standards.

Egrappoir-Egrenoir-V15 Egretier

At the same time, Michel Egretier was also an independent vine-grower operating a "Protected Designation of Origin" in its independent cellar (for 35 years). He understood in 1991 (Oscar Vinitech) that to avoid shearing in the lower part of the drum, it was necessary to make the harvest arrive, by the upper part of a hedgehog with very short fingers. But at the same time, due to the wine crisis, he had to reorient his company's activity towards the agri-food equipment.

Being persuaded that this principle was the right one and never giving up his ideas, he resumed his research in recent years, and eventually found what he had been looking for so long.

- Keep whole grains without broken cobs,

- Reject dry rot and verjus.

This material was produced with the collaboration of the INRA of Pech Rouge of Gruissan and the help of the TRIAL cluster of Montpellier.

"EGRENOIR" is a trademark registered by Egretier.