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Integral Cap Puncher

Integral Cap Puncher

Pigeur-integral Egretier

Cap Punching is not only a pumping over !

It is known that almost all the organoleptic potential, the soft tannins, and the anthocyanins of the harvest are located in the film of the grapes, that is to say in the cap of pomace during the fermentation.

The integral cap puncher was designed to destruct the pomace, so that the juice to its contact, benefits from all its richness.

To obtain this result it is necessary to have the outlets of the nozzles shifted in the thickness of the capacle cap (patented device) and a high power. Otherwise it is necessary to be content with a simple pumping over, like that of a competing equipment.

We recommend the 1.5 Kw model for tanks up to 120 Hl, 2.2 Kw for those up to 250 Hl and 4 Kw for larger ones. This power is not exaggerated as one might think, it is necessary to obtain a perfect result. (See the video)

Do not forget that it takes only about one minute to totally destruct the pomace cap of a tank of 200 Hl and given the little time necessary for this operation, it is better to execute it by two people, even if it is perfectly possible by one.

The end of the suction tube must be between 0.75 m and 1.25 m below the marc cap according to the depth of the tank from 2.50 m to 4 m.

A special model exists to be used in cellars with a low height above the tanks.´╗┐

Pigeur-integral Egretier


Pigeur-integral Egretier

The most EFFECTIVE, the LIGHTER, the CHEAPER of the market of Cap Punchers.´╗┐

Operating instructions sheet available on request