´╗┐ Elevator Conveyor - EGRETIER

Elevator Conveyor

Elevator Conveyor


For Fresh harvest or other

Standard Equipment : Meets the C.E. law Conformity

Length x Width: 3000x300 in standard size (other on request)

Stainless steel frame

Adjustable legs 0.93 / 1 m 30

PVC strips with juicers : h = 50

Dump hopper with stitching Diam. 50

Transport wheels with brake

Motor-reducer 0.75 kw

Electric box IP 55

Automatic cleaning by built-in circuit

´╗┐Option(s) :

´╗┐Additional Length

´╗┐Band with higher and curved cleats for mechanically harvested grapes

´╗┐Mechanical variator

Elevation by hydraulic system´╗┐´╗┐

100% manufactured by Egretier´╗┐