Wine Press - EGRETIER

Wine Press

The press operating steps

Pressoir Egretier

Pressing is carried out with the door closed, with the assistance of two hydraulic units, pump + accumulator (high and low pressure).

Its fully automatic (adjustable by touch screen) working principle consists in draining first the central part of the pomace which avoids manual breaking up of the press-cake.

The harvest (fermented or not) is stored in its draining hopper, before being automatically introduced, at each end of the cycle (phase 1).

The low pressure cycle (2) begins with the penetration of the central plate (rapid spinning between the two perforated cylinders).

The phase (3) takes over with the two paired plates.

Phase (4) completely dries the central part of the pomace, which is kept under pressure, while the annular plate (phase 5) finishes dousing the remaining annular part..

The pressing cycle ends with the opening of the door and the ejection of the pressed pomace Phase (6).

Made in 3 models: 500, 650, and 800 (2.5 to 8 tons per hour with fermented grapes).