Egretier is an industrial engineering company specialized in the design and manufacture in France of wine-making machines since 1955, winegrowing machines since 1972, and Food Industry equipment, since 1984..


EGRETIER manufactures food industry equipment to companies who require to mix, knead, flake or convey difficult products. EGRETIER takes charge of the engineering of large-scale turnkey production lines and carries out the study, design and building of equipment to match its customer’s needs.


The quality of our interceps doors is the result of more than 60 years of research and ingenuity. The first patent deposited by J. Michel EGRETIER in 1958 already included a parallelogram whose deformation was caused by the progressive action of a feeler in contact with the vines. It sold ninety miles before the wine crisis of 1974, which led winegrowers to reluctantly use chemical weed control.


WINEGROWERS, WINEMAKERS, Your harvest has a certain aromatic and taste potential. What will remain after the vinification? Always convinced of this fact, my constant research has been oriented towards the design of materials capable of treating the harvest as delicately as by hand.

For more than a decade, the Egretier interceps door, which has only a patented hydraulic device, a highly sensitive safety device with automatic reclosing (patented), a continuous refocusing of tools between rows of vines Patented), as well as automatic control of working depth (patented), caracolent at the head, always far ahead of their competitors. Today, there is no longer any comparison to make, the Intercep Mini-Sillon works without hydraulic assistance better and much faster, leaving only a thin rectilinear furrow.

Your devoted, Jean-Michel EGRETIER